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Macquarie Street, Sydney

Community and stakeholder feedback on the Draft Macquarie Street Strategic Framework has been completed. Feedback was evaluated for inclusion in the final version of the Framework

Macquarie Street

Macquarie Street is a critical part of the Sydney CBD and provides a direct link from Hyde Park, through the CBD all the way to Circular Quay and the Opera House.  The street houses some of Sydney’s most important heritage and historical treasures. 

Strategic Framework

The Government Architect NSW has drafted the Macquarie Street Strategic Framework to help the NSW Government assess future proposals and opportunities for Macquarie Street and the Macquarie Street East Precinct (the Precinct). It presents a holistic consideration of the Street and Precinct to guide future planning and ensure the cultural, civic and heritage significance of this important area is protected for future generations.

Macquarie Street East Precinct

The Precinct is defined as the public sites on the eastern side of Macquarie Street, from the Land and Property Information building at the southern end to the State Library at the northern end.

The Precinct is home to some of Sydney's most important heritage buildings, including:

  • The State Library of NSW, Australia's oldest library
  • NSW State Parliament
  • Sydney Hospital, Sydney's oldest hospital
  • The Mint, Sydney's oldest existing public building, built in 1816
  • Hyde Park Barracks, a UNESCO World Heritage site
  • The Land and Property Information (LPI) building (Registrar General's Building)

Key Outcomes

Property NSW - the Government's property and place-making specialist - will lead the revitalisation of the Precinct. Informed by the Macquarie Street Strategic Framework, Property NSW is seeking to:

  1. Improve public access to State owned sites within the Precinct
  2. Improve connectivity through the Precinct to the CBD, the Domain and key public sites to the east of the Sydney CBD
  3. Enhance cultural facilities within the Precinct
  4. Revitalise heritage buildings within the Precinct

These are consistent with the draft Strategic Framework's objectives.


Feedback was invited from the community on the Draft Macquarie Street Strategic Framework and opportunities to revitalise the Precinct that address the Framework’s objectives. Three drop-in sessions were held in the Macquarie Room of the NSW State Library (Macquarie Wing) in late 2016. The consultation period has now closed.

Feedback provided by the community and stakeholders was evaluated for inclusion in the final version of the Framework which is pending Government endorsement.

For further enquiries on the Project, or to provide feedback, please contact,  inserting 'Macquarie Street East' in the subject line.