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About us

We deliver property solutions and great places for the people of NSW. 

Property NSW is focused on excellence in property, infrastructure and places. We deliver continuous improvement and innovation. Our approach is to collaborate with stakeholders to deliver government objectives for the community. We manage the State's significant property portfolio and its places, which results in better visitor experiences and services for the people of NSW. 

Our services include:
• leading property reform
• active portfolio and asset management
• delivering transactions and major projects
• place making and heritage conservation, and
• valuation services.

Property NSW is the new brand name encompassing the entities of the former Government Property NSW (GPNSW), the former Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority (SHFA), Teacher Housing Authority of NSW (THA) and Waste Assets Management Corporation (WAMC). This rebranding is symbolic of the agency’s evolution, which now encompasses a wider range of functions, including place making expertise as a result of the consolidation of SHFA functions, and the subsequent integration of NSW Public Works Facilities Management and Valuation Services, formerly part of Land and Property Information (LPI).

Property NSW remains part of the Department of Finance, Services and Innovation.

In this video, we hear from our people and our customers on how we’re working together to deliver excellence in property, infrastructure and places for NSW.


Our Executive Team

We are property specialists. Our focus is on working closely with government agencies to drive commercial best practice outcomes for the benefit of the NSW community.

Our Executive Team bios


At Property NSW we own and manage world renowned places across the State. This can only be made possible by having a highly skilled organisation.

Property NSW advertises all vacancies on - the NSW Government jobs website. Property NSW does not accept applications which are not submitted via the NSW Government jobs website.

Annual Reports

Property and Advisory Group Annual Review 2016-17
The Property and Advisory Group (PAG), including Property NSW and Public Works Advisory, undertakes a diverse range of services on behalf of the NSW Government, including property reform, asset management, transactions and major projects, place making, valuation services, and infrastructure advisory.

The Property and Advisory Group Annual Review 2016/17 presents an overview of the performance and key achievements of the group for the financial year.

The financial position and operational activities of the Property and Advisory Group’s statutory bodies - Property NSW, Place Management NSW, Teacher Housing Authority of NSW and the Waste Assets Management Corporation – have been reported in their entity annual reports for the 2016/17 financial year.

Property NSW Annual Report 2016/17
Place Management NSW 2016/17
Teacher Housing Authority of NSW 2016/17
Waste Assets Management Corporation 2016/17

Property NSW Annual Review and statutory information 2015–16 (PDF 6.9MB)

This document contains an Annual Review for Property NSW, along with statutory information for the entities Government Property NSW, Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority and Teacher Housing Authority of NSW, for the 2015–16 financial year.

Key Performance Indicators

Property NSW measures our progress in improving outcomes for our clients and the NSW Public each year. KPIs have been selected to link in with strategic priorities outlined in our Corporate Plan FY2018-20.

Quarterly KPI dashboard