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Application for Property NSW Gov

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Town Applied For
Applicant's Details


Present Address
Phone/Email Details
All phone numbers must be 10 digits long including area code. A minimum of 2 phone numbers are required to be entered.
Employment Details
  • Temporary Teachers must supply a copy of their Temporary Employment Notice to the THA.
  • Casual teachers must supply written confirmation from the school principal listing your anticipated casual hours. 
  • If these confirmations are not received, there may be a delay in allocating you THA accommodation.
Driving Details
Partner and/ or dependents who are maintained and will live permanently with you:
Partner/Dependent 1
Partner/Dependent 2
Partner/Dependent 3
Partner/Dependent 4
Partner/Dependent 5
Alternative Contact Details

Note: If you will not be at the address you provided above, for example during school holidays, please provide alternative contact details where you can be reached with an Offer of Accommodation. If we are unable to contact you an offer will be made to the next suitable applicant.

Next Of Kin (not living with you)
Type of accommodation required

Note: The THA will assess your application in accordance with the Housing Eligibility and Allocation Policy. You can read this policy on our website, or contact us on toll free 1300 137 343 for a copy.


Single Applicants:
Note: Applicants not willing to share accomodation will be afforded a lower piority.


Note: Applicants that have an outstanding debt to the THA are ineligable for THA accommodation until the debt is paid.

Note: Applicants that have rental or tenant charges outstanding from a previous tenancy will not be considered for Authority housing until payment of the outstanding balance is made. 

Personal information provided by you will not be disclosed to anyone without your prior knowledge and consent in accordance with the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998. You are entitled to access and correct your personal information.


Note: Pets and animals are not permitted inside the residence. Further information on this issue can be obtained by contacting the Authority.


(a)    I declare that the information in this application is true and correct. I understand that any false statement or material non-disclosure may result in the termination of any residential tenancy agreement I enter into with the Authority.

(b)    I undertake to notify the THA in writing of any details that change materially prior to my being allocated accommodation.