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Coffs Harbour Jetty Foreshore Precinct

The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (the Department) will oversee and manage the master planning process for the revitalisation of the Coffs Harbour Jetty Foreshore Precinct.

This is an opportunity to create a vibrant and thriving foreshore precinct that is activated for the public’s benefit while also maintaining the cultural and existing qualities of the area.  

This includes improving the public domain and connection between the city and waterfront, creating economic and job growth, and providing additional housing.


The Coffs Harbour Jetty Foreshore Precinct comprises several areas of Government-owned land that have the potential for positive development and activation to create a thriving new waterfront precinct for locals and visitors alike. 
In 2018, the Government, in collaboration with GHD, undertook a broad and transparent community consultation process. The community was invited to provide input on how the land might be used. 
Project objectives developed from the consultation process are: 
  1. Activate the space and bring more people to the area. 
  2. Maintain and ensure connections between the city and the waterfront. 
  3. Build on current investment and activities.
  4. Help grow new jobs for the region.
  5. Create economically sustainable public domain and community assets.
  6. Establish the precinct as a desirable destination for tourists and locals alike. 
  7. Put the community at the centre of the decision-making process through broad, inclusive and transparent consultation. 
Following the publication of the outcomes report from the consultation process, the Government appointed urban designers, Group GSA, and commercial advisors, CBRE, to develop a concept plan and test and challenge its feasibility.

Current Status

A concept plan was developed to reflect the community feedback and is being tested for feasibility. View the concept plan and report outlining the precinct’s constraints and opportunities.
The Department has also developed a six-stage delivery program which outlines the project timelines and milestones.
The revitalisation project also involves the upgrade of the boat ramp and boat maintenance facility, to be delivered by Transport for NSW’s Maritime branch.  
Transport for NSW is collaborating with the Coffs Harbour Boat Ramp Enhancement Committee to ensure the Government commitment for the boat ramp project is fulfilled. 
The upgrade to the travel lift is also underway. Transport for NSW is investigating current and future demand for this facility to confirm the capacity required for the boat maintenance facility.  
Check back for more details on these sub-projects.

Next Steps

  • The Department is recommencing stakeholder and community engagement to discuss the feasibility study outcomes and gather feedback to help inform a detailed concept plan for the site.  
  • A Project Advisory Steering Committee, comprising stakeholders and community representatives, is being established to assist in progressing the project and ensuring continued community involvement. View details on the nomination process to be part of the Committee.
  • Registrations of interest to join the PSAC have closed. The Department is currently in the process of evaluating all submissions and should be in a position to announce the PSAC membership in the coming weeks. A copy of the evaluation criteria can be found here

Coffs Harbour Jetty Foreshore Precinct Project Updates

Project Steering Advisory Committee