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Customer Portal

As part of our commitment to improving services for our clients, we are migrating a number of services to our secure online portal. This new system replaces the current paper-based approach and allows Property NSW customers to enter and track requests online. This includes:

  • Leased Accommodation Requests (requests for new or existing leased premises) and;
  • Acquisition and Disposal Requests (requests relating to the acquisition and disposal of property)

We will soon be launching the functionality for leased accommodation requests soon, in the meantime, watch our video and see out how our new approach will improve outcomes for you and all of government.

The new system for Leased Accommodation Requests will:

  • Provide a consistent approach to managing your portfolio
  • Make it easier for us to work together so we can achieve better utilisation of the NSW Government portfolio
  • Give us more time and leverage to negotiate leases, improving outcomes for you and your agency.

The new service for Acquisitions and Disposals will:

  • streamline the process, saving you time
  • compile all of your requests in one place
  • allow you to track the progress of your application
  • make it easier for you to review potential property opportunities.

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Eligible property staff within NSW Government agencies can Register below to create a new user profile. You will receive an email with your login details in one to five working days.



Customers who have previously registered are able to login using the button below. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a link to a number of questions and answers that address feedback gathered from our customers.

Acquisitions and Disposals FAQs

Leased Accommodation Requests FAQs