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Former Manly Hospital Site

In October 2018, Manly Hospital was closed, all patients and services were relocated to the new Northern Beaches Hospital (NBH).

In November 2018 the NSW Government announced that an Adolescent and Young Adult Hospice (AYAH) would be located on a portion of the Site.

Update: Former Manly Hospital Site’s Project Steering Advisory Committee (PSAC)

A review of all applications has been delayed. The assessment will be completed in the coming weeks when all applicants will be notified of the outcome. 
Please register your email address here for future project updates. 

February 2020 Project Update

  • The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment and COX Architecture are developing a draft masterplan for the Site, this is expected to be finalised in draft in Q2 2020. 
  • Proposed future uses for the Site have been informed by the guiding principles developed for the site and the outcome of  community consultation conducted in August 2019, confirming an emphasis on health and wellbeing uses. 
  • Sub-consultants from technical disciplines have been engaged to undertake more detailed due diligence for the Site. This will assist in refining the master plan and assist planning authorities in assessing proposed changes to planning controls. The draft master plan will be published on the project website upon completion of the technical studies.

Next Steps

  • Refine draft master plan as necessary.
  • Carry out market sounding investigation to understand the viability of proposed uses for the Site.
  • Determine planning pathway and submit proposal to Council.

Register your Interest to Join the Manly Hospital Project Steering Advisory Committee


As the Project has moved into a new phase, there is an opportunity to revitalise and renew membership of the project advisory committee.

The purpose of the Project Steering Advisory Committee (PSAC) is to assist Government to develop the future uses and masterplan for the site. The PSAC is not a decision making or regulatory body, it performs an advisory and consultative role. The PSAC is comprised of members from DPIE, Northern Beaches Council, Northern Sydney Local Health District, National Parks and Wildlife Services and local community members.

We openly encourage all members of the community who are interested in the future of the site to consider joining the committee. 

View the PSAC Membership Framework and Selection Criteria

About the proposal

The project team will work collaboratively with the Project Steering Advisory Committee (PSAC), incorporating NSW Health, the Northern Sydney Local Health District and Community stakeholders to develop a Master Plan identifying future uses for the Site. The master planning will focus on developing an adaptive reuse strategy for the existing heritage buildings to deliver a mix of open and community space, ancillary retail and commercial space focussed on Health and Wellbeing.

In consultation with key stakeholders and the community D&T will develop a future uses Master Plan in accordance with the agreed Guiding principles and Vision statement.

Project objective

Vision Statement

“A vibrant health and wellbeing sanctuary which welcomes and supports the needs of the local and wider community – achieved through innovation and balance”.

Guiding Principles

  1. The community will have continued access to the Site for social/recreation activities and use of public/private services.
  2. The rainforest area will be permanently reserved.
  3. The services developed on the Site will contribute to the health, wellbeing and care of the community.
  4. The services provided from the Site’s uses will address a defined community need for which there are tangible and ongoing benefits.
  5. A diverse range of services and partnerships will be pursued which leverage the greatest collective value for the community.
  6. The services and infrastructure proposals for the site must demonstrate financial sustainability.

Community Consultation

Consultation is now closed. 

The outcomes report and the Project Steering Advisory Committee (PSAC) presentation can be found at the links below:

Key themes arising from the Community Consultation will be incorporated into the Master Plan.

Following the conclusion of the recent community consultation and a procurement process, the NSW Government has appointed COX Architecture as the lead consultant for the project.

Next Steps

The NSW Government has tasked the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment to consider future uses for the site. The Department will work closely with NSW Health to ensure future uses will complement the development of the hospice.

The master planning process will begin in late 2019, with a master plan expected to be lodged with Northern Beaches Council and placed on public exhibition for comment in 2020. There will be more opportunities to have your say as the project progresses.

Manly Hospital PSAC

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