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Hunters Hill

The NSW Government owns the land at 7-11 Nelson Parade in Hunters Hill. As a result of previous private industrial activity on the land, soils along the foreshore area contain contaminated material.

Update on Hunters Hill Project - 27 July 2018 

The NSW Government is consulting with the community in Hunters Hill on a remediation proposal for 7-11 Nelson Parade and has been seeking local residents feedback.

During consultation with the community earlier this year, residents told the Government they wanted progress on remediating the site including an investigation of alternative remediation methods.

Property NSW has been investigating a number of options, and has proposed the soil on the foreshore area that is subject to the NSW EPA Management Order be treated and disposed offsite at a licenced facility. The remaining material, not captured by the Management Order, would be encapsulated onsite to make the site suitable for residential redevelopment and or a community space.
Onsite encapsulation is a safe and proven remediation method which involves retaining soil unsuitable for residential redevelopment on site.
Encapsulation is a commonly applied remediation technique which has been successfully used in a number of locations around Sydney, including at Oyster Cove, Rhodes and Breakfast Point, with each site suitably managed to allow residential development immediately adjacent to the encapsulation.
Encapsulation is also common on remediated sites around the world including in the US and Europe.
Plans for the site would ensure any encapsulation would be architecturally designed to fit with the natural landscape and have minimal visual impact.
No decisions have been made on the remediation approach and Property NSW is committed to consulting with the community and considering this input.
All local residents are encouraged to engage in the consultation process so the Government is informed of as much feedback as possible on the proposed remediation approach. Nelson Parade residents also have the opportunity to provide their input for the final site use and design, dependent on confirmation of a remediation option.
Following the completion of the proposed remediation option, the land will be suitable for residential, open space and other community use, this will be confirmed by an independent NSW EPA Accredited site auditor. 
Should the Government proceed with the proposed remediation option,  works could be completed over the next 18-24 months, subject to planning approval.  

Community Consultation 

Property NSW will continue to consult with the local community and stakeholders throughout the remediation process.

Site’s Industrial Legacy

From the late 1800s to the early 1900s, a carbolic acid plant operated on land at Nelson Parade in Hunters Hill. As a result of this previous use, the soil along the foreshore of the site has elevated concentrations of coal tar waste material and heavy metals.
The NSW Environment Protection Authority (NSW EPA) has issued a Management Order for the remediation of soil in the foreshore area. 
Site soils are also impacted by low-level Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) contained within the processed ore by-product of a uranium refinery that operated on site from 1911. Independent experts do not consider the NORM to pose a risk to human health if suitably managed or controlled. 
The NSW EPA order does not extend to the remediation of soil impacted by the NORM. 

Background - Remediation Process

The Government is also continuing to work on a remediation process which involves removing the contaminated soil down to bedrock. 

More details regarding the remediation process can be found below. 

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