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Permits and applications

Your permit application enables Property NSW to undertake certain safety measures, and to ensure the suitability of the locations you wish to work in. 

If you would like to apply for a permit to busk in Circular Quay and Darling Harbour, visit our Busking Hub.

If you are unable to find the permit or application you are searching for below, or require help with any related matters, please contact us on (02)9273 3800 or at

Property NSW contractors can access the WHS induction portal at this link

Asbestos work permit

ATT 1 Fire Protection Impairment_Reinstatement Notice Form July 2016

ATT 2 TMF Fire Protection System Impairment 130117

ATT 3 Hot Works Permit

ATT 4 Fire Watch Log Sheet

ATT 5 Fire Protection Impairment and Reinstatement register

ATT 6 Fire Protection Isolation and Impairment Poster July 2016

ATT 7 Fire Impairment Risk Management Plan

Concrete core drilling sawing permit

Confined Space Entry Permit

Contractor Visitor Registration Access Instructions

Excavation Permit Application

Fire Indication Panel Isolation and Deisolation Permit

Fire Protection System Isolation Impairment Supervisors Procedure July 2016

Foreshore Authority Excavation Permit Application

Foreshore Authority Temporary Structure Application

Foreshore Authority Stand Plant Crane on Road Application

Foreshore Authority Footway and Road Temporary Works Application

Foreshore Authority Small Business Supplier Declaration

Isolation Work permit

Roof access permit

s60 Application Form

s139 Excavation Permit Exception Notification Form

s140 Excavation Permit Application Form

s57 (2) Exemption Notification Form

Work at heights Permit