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Property Portfolio Reporting

Property NSW is developing innovative digital services to allow client agencies to access information about their property portfolio and request services online. These services will be released incrementally. The first service being made available is property portfolio reporting.

Property portfolio reporting provides agencies with key metrics for their Property NSW managed property portfolio. Metrics are displayed on interactive dashboards that include graphical and map based visualisations. The capability of property portfolio reporting will be enhance with additional information in coming months. In the initial release of property portfolio reporting the dashboards include:

  • Key performance metrics for an agency’s Property NSW managed property portfolio
  • Representation of an agency’s Property NSW managed property portfolio on a map
  • Analysis of upcoming lease critical date: lease expiries, lease options and market reviews
  • Comparison of key performance metrics by NSW government cluster

Property portfolio reporting will provide government agencies with access to property portfolio information to enable improved decision-making.

Accessing Property portfolio reporting

Property portfolio reporting is a secure service provided to property staff within NSW government agencies. The access to the property portfolio reporting will be provided to you by your agency’s Property NSW Asset Manager when available for your agency. 

Use of Property portfolio reporting is subject to the following terms and conditions.

Property portfolio reporting

Getting Support

For information about how to use Property portfolio reporting, please see the user guide.

For Property portfolio reporting support, please contact your agency’s Property NSW Asset Manager.