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Accommodation to Western Sydney

Property NSW is implementing and monitoring the Government’s Accommodation Policy and Decade of Decentralisation policy.  The aim of the policy is to consolidate offices and relocate public sector jobs from the Sydney CBD to metropolitan Sydney and regional locations with a particular focus on Western Sydney.  The Government’s target is to relocate and consolidate more than 3,000 public servants to new offices in Western Sydney to stimulate economic growth, long-term job generation and provide jobs closer to home.

Property NSW has specialist teams who are currently working closely with NSW Government departments to ensure their relocation requirements are met and Government’s targets are achieved. Property NSW's current accommodation projects include:  

  1. Parramatta - Education
  2. Parramatta - DFSI, DoI and DPE
  3. Liverpool - FACS   
  4. Macquarie Park - TfNSW


Our team has secured the largest ever government agency leasing commitment in Western Sydney, with more than 65,000 square metres of A-Grade office accommodation is being developed by Walker Corporation at 4 Parramatta Square. The new building will accommodate at least 5,000 public service roles, including more than 1,600 roles from the Department of Planning and Environment relocating directly from the Sydney CBD by end of 2019. 

The 105 Phillip Street project on behalf of the Department of Education has been completed - 25,000 square meters of A grade office accommodation housing some 2,200 workers.


Our team sought proposals from the private sector to deliver a new building with a requirement for 5,000sqm of office space in Liverpool.  A preferred party was selected and capital expenditure was approved to relocate functions of the Department of Family and Community Services to the new building. The new building is complete and houses around 350 staff.

Macquarie Park

Our team sought proposals from the private sector to deliver a new building for Government Accommodation with a requirement for 25,000sqm of office space utilising a vacant Government owned site in Macquarie Park. TfNSW will occupy this building.

The building is under construction and will be complete in 2020.


For further enquiries on the projects, or to provide feedback, please email and insert 'Western Sydney Relocations' in the subject line.