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Leading Property Reform

Property NSW has forged a reputation across the NSW Government for delivering:

  • expert advice across whole-of-government
  • first class asset management solutions
  • reform in agency service delivery, and
  • accommodation solutions.

Property NSW assists in the development of portfolio property plans for a number of agencies. Agencies engage our services to ensure the efficient management of property assets and transactions. This involves providing strategic property advice regarding agency accommodation needs and on the best approach to holding and managing assets that are core to service delivery.

Leading property reform service profile

Active Portfolio and Asset Management

Property NSW delivers strategic planning across NSW public sector property assets, which improves the management of government property portfolios so they are better utilised and maintained.

Client service is our priority as we undertake property services across whole-of-government. Property NSW works closely with government agencies to understand their requirements, maximise value for the State and ultimately the people of NSW.

We operate on a commercial basis which provides government with the confidence to engage our services to ensure the efficient management of property assets.

Our aim is to be a best practice property manager with the capacity to drive reform, capital management and service delivery for the benefit of NSW.

Property NSW undertakes asset recycling as part of responsible portfolio management. For further information on asset recycling click here

Active portfolio and asset management service profile 

Delivering Major Projects and Transactions

Our knowledge of government and the property sector, including a track record of undertaking an array of complex major projects and transactions, means we are trusted to deliver high value and complex projects and capital recycling initiatives. This results in a substantial contribution to improved services in NSW and means more public housing, enhanced hospital facilities, better schools and transport.

Services provided by the Development and Transactions team include development management, real estate advisory, site adaptive reuse and value enhancement, remediation, heritage precinct management and transaction management. 

Delivering major projects and transactions service profile

Place Making and Heritage Conservation

Place Management NSW manages and renews world class precincts and enhances heritage assets to deliver unique places. We determine the strategic direction for a place by considering social, community, environmental, heritage and commercial requirements to exceed people’s expectations of the built environment. 

We are currently renewing the iconic Darling Harbour and The Rocks areas, and utilising a Government investment to protect and enhance heritage assets along the Sydney Harbour foreshore.

For further information on our heritage role click here.

Place making and heritage conservation service profile